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I like this. Hopefully I’ll build this list over time.

Graffiti Tallent

This guy’s (Paul Oldskool Pilgrim) graffiti album is SICK! – the next piece of my big community idea.

Thanks Matthew for bringing this idea to my attention. can serve as a way to track peoples barter skills and goods in the community.

I stumbled on some beautiful doodles…

Hopefully I can get her permission to use some of her images…

Shadow Cities + Dibspace = New Economy

There is a place we can gather with purpose.  Purpose both as one can have in a rich community of humans and as can be done in the default world (Earth) in trade.

The new game Shadow Cities is a magickal gathering of people learning to interact and meet each other one that experiences being part of power as a meaningful group.  All of this involves real humans and overlays the default world.  Learning to meet and focus power teaches the masses to evolve.  Evolution in the default world needs to provide for basic needs.  This is where Dibspace comes in.

Dibspace allows people to barter for goods with barter dollars (such as food! shelter, ANYTHING!) if Dibspace collides with Shadow Cities a new communal version of reality can emerge.  Online status updates can be painted in the real world to reflect the score with real world participation.


Great care must be taken to ensure the system (a form of law) is not being used to leech or divert our communal power for hidden gain.

The objective should be to manifest Shadow Cities as much as possible over the real world.  People must learn barter skills and learn to network to survive.  We are taught to fear one another, that good fences make good neighbors, and that our collective power is represented by our Government.  This is nothing more than a badly broken system at best and under a failing currency.  Humanity can do MUCH better than this.  We can tear down these default world walls of neighbor to neighbor, we can refuse to support the system and build our own.  Our new world order will be based on maximized individual exchange and a better more self governed people.  We can tease the best out of humanity with new symbols, we can lead them to interact and awaken to one another, we can show them a new way of being that is not based on the now broken system.

Great care must be taken to protect the survivability of the system.  It should be made possible over the torrent system as some kind of hive collective.  A system backed up as much as possible by the internet system its self.  Components or functions of our NWO should be as individual, and survivable/accessible as possible.  The game needs to escape the iPhone NOW so that everyone with a computer can “play” the new order.  Networking is fun.  Community is vital for survival on both cyber and earth levels.  Our new system will be based on maximizing individual human exchange.  Incentive in the new system will be two fold to recognize the power and value in one another (Secret Cities) and to manifest that power in the real world as contribution and gain (Dibspace). The actual game Secret Cities and company Dibspace must either evolve to allow for a more effective system.

Programmers are needed to bridge the gap of current platforms to the new platform.  Perhaps in the mean time a program can be made to link information to the two accounts into a single one.

Short term goals should be to
A. Remove vulnerabilities from the online system such as legal shutdowns, hacks, and whatever.
B. Wherever possible, remove targets of the organization such as the barter currency used in Dibspace from the financial police.

This new way of meeting our needs will unlock our power to recognize and provide for one another.  These are our basic needs.  We do not need the existing structure any more.  We do not need our dollars as much as they need us what we need is ourselves and each other.  We can build a better system.  Each one of us can create with or without the existing money and government system or we can leave it in the dust.

A Kick Starter operation for proper funding should be asked for right away.

Their game sucks, we can make a better one.